Renowned German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once famously said, “Logo and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English – But they are great in remembering signs”. Karl makes a very good point, as no matter how high the quality is of any particular product or service, it can be let down through the poor communication through their visuals. This is a fatal error when you consider that 90% of what our brains soak in is purely visual.

But what exactly does a good brand logo – or supporting brand imagery for that matter – actually entail? When we think of the more memorable company logos or imagery, many of those images are vivid, boldly contrasting colours, and have an impeccable overall clarity. A few things to consider when designing the imagery of your company to be seen in public are:

  • Relevancy to your service, such as a car for any automobile repair company
  • Recognisable, yet again relevant colours. Florists will mostly work with tones of green, for example
  • Clean, contrasting lines and shapes. Remember, clarity is key
  • A clean, attractive typeface

On the last point, you may have heard recently some particularly negative comments regarding the font “Comic Sans MS”, which is designed to mimic the typeface found in many comic books. This font, used by many small businesses, is often frowned upon as it does not convey a professional tone. More standard fonts, such as the “PT Sans” font on this page, are, however, considered attractive and more suited for business use.

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Colours also play a huge role in the way your business will be seen, and differ from industry to industry. Adding an example to the ones listed above, the hospitality industry will predominantly play around with more bright, fun colours like orange, yellow or lighter shades of blue and green. When we think of the clientele that the hospitality industry mostly deals with – outgoing fun seekers – these colours will appeal directly to their target audience.

At ITCC, our team of lead, illustrative designers possess the knowledge and vital experience to capture the essence of your company, displaying it as you want to be viewed, whilst also attracting the attention of potential clients and customers. Contact one of our digital media strategists on 1300 770 119 today, and see just how ITCC can revitalise the image of your company.

What do you want to see in a brand image or logo? We’re very interested to find out!

Renowned German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once famously said, “Logo and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, peop...

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