mobile friendly design

Last week, Google’s highly anticipated change to the way searches are conducted on mobiles was put into action. Despite there not being the huge, sweeping changes to the SERP’s that many expected, it seems that that particular notion was the result of non-mobile friendly sites complying with the new rules. In essence, Google got what they wanted from the bigger companies and franchises, ushering in a new, mobile age.

However, there are still a few that are refusing to move into the new era, seemingly ignoring the many benefits that a responsive website design can bring in. Some of the great advantages that this favouring of the mobile site will bring are:

  • Enforcing a view flow (90% of all digital activities begin on a mobile and end up on a desktop, after all)
  • Streamlined visuals across all formats
  • Greater integration with other forms of media
  • Increased potential for sharing across all devices

The last point is perhaps the greatest advantage bestowed to us by the head technicians in Silicon Valley. The working nature of a mobile device all but guarantees that sharing articles or pages is a constant occurrence, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – among others – being literally on the tip of your fingers when using a mobile or tablet. But how exactly do you maximise this avenue for greater marketing returns?

mobile friendly design

The world of web design can, even for the most subtle of images, such as a tiny Facebook icon, provide us with the power to instigate a visual call to action – one that can potentially be more engaging than a line of text. Uniquely, mobile devices tend to provide us with a more intimate viewing experience, with the smaller size of the screen demanding the majority of our attention. Maximising this potential for increased sharing can be done by:

  • Directing attention to key areas with your images: These areas can be as simple as a phone number, or much more complex, such as a Facebook icon
  • Making sharing icons predominant: Although your readers may love your articles, if the suggestion is not there, then they may not share it. Ensure that all social media icons stand out sufficiently
  • Using attractive imagery: We recently discussed how a pleasing visual will enhance the first impression of your website. Mobile sites can benefit from this too, and a heightened importance on the ease of use of your page will work wonders as well.

At IT Consulting Company, we specialise in attractive eCommerce web design, and also maximise the sharing potential of websites to offer you the greatest, most broad value of awareness physically possible. Contact us today on 1300 770 119 and ask us how we can fine tune your pages for mobile use, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the great benefits of the mobile age.

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mobile friendly design Last week, Google’s highly anticipated change to the way searches are conducted on mobiles wa...

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