With the usage of smartphones and tablet devices used to connect to the internet constantly rising, having a responsive website design is more critical than ever before. What’s more, having a responsive design can dramatically increase your standings amongst them any major search engines.

Responsive web design uses a set of percentage based ratios, as opposed to fixed numbers, to fit any particular page into the confines of the screen being used. For those using a mobile device, this means that they will be able to see the mobile responsive design perfectly, minimising the need to be constantly zooming in or out.

For businesses, a responsive web design will put your website ahead of the rest of your competitors, putting a foothold into the very lucrative mobile market. A large majority of online sales occur via mobile devices, so if your business in Melbourne relies on the sales of goods, having a responsive website design is critical for its success.

ITCC Designs were one of the very first web design companies to embrace the theory behind mobile responsive designs in Melbourne. We have created hundreds of websites for our clients right across Melbourne which have allowed them to court the mobile market, as well as presenting their brand in a professional and attractive manner.


We alone are best placed to tailor for you a responsive website design that will allow you to reap the rewards of the mobile user. We work closely with your existing imagery and your brand to also create a mobile responsive design that will be both attractive and showcase the very best that your business has to offer.

What ITCC Designs can offer you

We know responsive web design front-and-back, and will be more than happy to set up a free consultation with you, to get a picture of your grand ideas.

We can offer much more, too, both in factors that can be seen and those that cannot. Our expertise lies in providing small-to-medium sized businesses with a full package and host of solutions.

  • A flexible and affordable suite of responsive web design packages, suitable for all sizes of budgets.
  • Seamless design, incorporating the most attractive and presentable aspects of your brand.
  • Practical and fully working website, allowing you to have full confidence in it running all of the time.
  • Perfect display across all smartphone and tablet devices, as well as the conventional desktop.

Get ahead of the rest of the pack, and get a foot in the door of the mobile market. Contact us today on how we can provide you with an attractive and presentable responsive website design.

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