We often talk about the importance of colour, and how deliberate uses of different colours cannot only capture both the attention and imagination, but also perfectly relate to your company and the industry it resides in. Today, we’re going to be talking about the most important colour of all for any web designer, and the surprising thing is, it technically isn’t even a colour at all.

When we think of white in the medium of web design, it can be quite hard to not have the old, solid white blocks with borders that were so prevalent in older websites as our first impression. Not only that, but white can often be seen as a bit bland, as web design is supposed to be flamboyant and eye catching. However, it’s important to consider why earlier websites back in the 1990’s chose white as their predominant colour.

White, from a scientific perspective, is essentially the reflection of all colours into the human eye, and as a result is technically the most noticeable colour of all. When the internet was still in its formative years – attempting to convince the populace that they should use the wide web rather than traditional media – website design made use of white rather effectively. Viewed in the prism of the computer screen, white was able to:

  • Draw an immediate focus to the screen
  • Display coloured images and fonts more boldly than ever before
  • Act as a directional tool for further action

designer's most powerful tool

The last point, in particular, is exactly the reason why white, for web designers looking to enhance the advertising space on their page, is the most useful weapon in their arsenal. Strategic allocation of white helps to draw attention to particular areas of important content, and a clever use of white can draw our eyes along to key areas. We can therefore consider white to be a very persuasive and organic call to action mechanism in this aspect.

It is this very reason why you’re reading this article with white as the background, and why your attention is not drawn to other colours on this page. Especially for a page viewed as a mobile site, where the frame of vision is much smaller, white will instantly grab your attention. This is perhaps a significant reason why mobile page views often turn into direct consumer action almost immediately.

At IT Consulting Company, our team of expertly trained and experienced web designers understand the importance, of not just white, but also of the particular symbolism of all of the main colours. We can effortlessly craft a unique website from scratch, which will be able to represent your brand in stunning and vivid detail, as well as create focal points and calls to action to get you enquiries for your services.

ITCC can also create a vibrant eCommerce web design, that will utilise colour and other pleasing design elements, to enhance sales and drive enquiries into your business. Call us today on 1300 770 119, and ask one of our knowledgeable members from our digital media strategy team, how ITCC can enhance your website and bring your digital presence to life.

Do you also find white as a powerful shade? What examples of the colour white do you prefer to see in a design?

We often talk about the importance of colour, and how deliberate uses of dif...

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