In recent editions of this blog, we have covered relentlessly what goes into the makeup of  attractive, streamlined responsive design. What we haven’t discussed in great length, are the principles and methodology behind a design interface that has been conceptualised purely for the user’s experience. User Experience (or UX), in a world where mobile devices reign supreme, is now an integral weapon in a designer’s arsenal for compelling web artistry.

The emergence of user experience as an integral measuring stick, is a flow on effect from the incredible benefits that came with the innovation of CSS3. The breaking down of the parameters that form a website into smaller modules allowed designers – for the first time – to micromanage each specific aspect of that website’s source code. Companies like Apple utilise user experience to its full effect, fine tuning each facet of their site for ease of use and compelling viewing.

So exactly what are the procedures that go into ensuring that the user experience of your website is at its highest level possible?

Knowing and Understanding your Audience
A key point in being able to develop an effective user experience, is to know your key demographic like the back of your own hand. If the product or services that you are promoting are mainly geared towards older people, you will be looking to make the interface as easy to use as possible. If we compare this to a website that sells toys for kids, that website will focus less on ease-of-use, and incorporate more bright, vivid and interactive design principles.

Responsive Webdesign

A Broad Based Approach
The innovation of the Internet provided the public with valuable information at their fingertips, and as such created the idea of the “informed consumer”. This has made it absolutely necessary for designers to ensure that the user experience of their page can accommodate people of all persuasions. Impulse buying is still quite prevalent, and an engaging interface that offers a positive experience, may persuade the reader into direct consumer action.

Practice Makes Perfect
Running your website through a test and seeing how you react to the experience that it provides, is perhaps the most accurate way of measuring its overall success. Chances are that if you feel disengaged from your own website, for any reason, viewers of your website will come away with the same feelings.

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What’s your idea of a positive user experience whilst interacting with a website? We’d like to hear it, so please leave a comment below.

In recent editions of this blog, we have covered relentlessly what goes into the makeup of  attractive, streamlined Read More