The most important thing for any business or individual is a first impression, and the same relates to the design of your company’s website.

If your website is pleasing to the eye, you will go a long way in ensuring that a visitor to your site will stay and venture into the areas of your site that you deem the most important, such as the checkout page. To put it bluntly, if your company’s web design is poorly made by a less than professional web design company in Melbourne, you will lose business.

A website design company like ITCC understands the meaning of grid, color, balance and typography, and we implement these design techniques professionally to make sure that your website accurately reflects your brand, products and style.

Along with making sure that your site looks great, it is also essential in the modern and evolving world of laptop, smartphone and tablet technology, that your website is able to be viewed optimally on any device.


Enabling your website to be visually appealing and functional, regardless of screen size, is possible with effective web design services that use a new method called responsive web design. This design functions by using flexible, fluid, proportion based grids that are able to effectively adapt to the dimension of any screen.
This means that your website will be viewed as it should, by anybody, on any device.

Web Design and its types

CMS Website

  • Easy content editing
  • Upto 25 pages
  • Basic SEO
  • DIY Feature
  • Google friendly design

Responsive Design

  • Flexible design
  • Suits all Digital Devices
  • Easily Uploadable Content
  • Search Engine Enabled
  • Google friendly design

Product Catalogue

  • DIY CMS Integration
  • Unlimited Categories/Products
  • Upto 15 Pages
  • Add to Cart Feature
  • Request a Quote Feature


  • CRM Systems
  • Travel Company Websites
  • Recruitment Portal Website
  • Sports Club Website
  • Online Quoting Systems

Web Development

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • PHP
  • Java
  • JQuery
  • SQL

Custom Web App

  • CRM Systems
  • Travel Company Websites
  • Recruitment Portal Website
  • Sports Club Website
  • Online Quoting Systems

If your business sells a product, and you have not already used a web development company to implement an eCommerce solution for you, you are currently missing out on what is now over 50% of consumer sales throughout Australia, and growing.Having the ability to sell products online means that even while you sleep, your customers are able to purchase your products from the comfort of their own homes, 24 hours a day.

ITCC’s web design Melbourne team can also market your website effectively, through a variety of methods, including digital marketing, and social media streams like Facebook and Twitter.
Our web design Sydney team can discuss with you the ways in which social media can help you engage with your existing clients, while also extending your brand awareness to customers you never knew you had.

Perhaps the most effective way of optimising your site’s reach however, is the use of quality search engine optimisation. SEO is critical in making sure that your site is found by people looking for the products and services that you are selling, through search engines like Google.